Vegan Organic Curry Taste of India

We often have requests for specific dietary requirements and today we delivered exactly that in the way of this mouth watering Vegan Organic Curry.

This is an example of what we can achieve effortlessly for our clients and we’re not afraid of any challenges even at short notice.

Everyday teams of people work in film and television on location and what they often require is good food to keep their people motivated throughout the day.

We’ve developed this amazing dish for such occasions and it’s packed with all the ingredients to sustain those who still need dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin C, potassium and many nutrients.

Vegan Organic Curry

The Ingredients in a Vegan Organic Curry

This dish can be made of bean curd/tofu, carrots, courgettes, onions and peppers. For good measure a chilli pod is left in to marinate.  And all cooked slowly with garlic, curry paste, spices and herbs. All this in a base of coconut milk to create a dish so original it would be at home in India.

We’d love to offer and cook this special dish that you might not find with our competitors. So ask us, especially if not only is it a life style choice but also a dietary necessity. This is a great alternative to a classic meat curry dish. This is a food you or your team will love – right where’s my plate?